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Club Volleyball

Club Volleyball has become increasingly more important for our athletes. We encourage every player to play during the club season and to play at the highest level possible. Club Volleyball provides more "high stakes" opportunities for the athletes to play in. Playing high stakes volleyball gives the athlete confidence that they can perform in such situations and helps them learn to deal with nerves and play in uncomfortable situations. 

Playing or not playing club volleyball will never be the reason an athlete makes or gets cut from a team; however, it is no surprise that players who play more volleyball and seek high level coaching tend to outperform those who do not.
Traveling schedule:
If possible, every athlete should try to attend traveling tournaments and play against teams and players from other regions. As much as we love the high school season, the chance to represent Arizona is the peak of high school volleyball. We absolutely recommend that players attend as many national tournaments as possible. Quite often former players regret not playing national tournaments, and we have never known a player who regretted playing on a bigger stage. Learning how to perform in high pressure situations and show up for their team is one of the best things that youth sports can teach a young athlete.

Every player needs something different out of the club season. Some players will benefit from being one of the go-to players, while others will benefit more from being pushed by better players in practice. Each players situation is different. We are always available to provide some guidance, please have your child reach out.

Below are some club recommendations. Each club has strengths and weaknesses. Try to attend as many Open Gyms as possible to find the club that is right for you and your child and please utilize us as coaches to find the right situation.


Club One:


Entire Club Directory:

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