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If you would like to donate to the Mountain View Boy’s Volleyball account you can do so through ECA tax credit.  Your contribution will go specifically toward helping our volleyball program.  An individual may contribute as much as $200, and a couple filing jointly may contribute up to $400 and receive the money back in the form of a tax credit.

Arizona law provides a tax credit for contributions made to public schools in Arizona to support extra-curricular activities.  When you file your Arizona state taxers, you then subtract the amount of your contribution from what you owe or add to your refund.

For example, if you are expecting an $800 refund on your Arizona state taxes and make a $400 contribution to the Mountain View Boy’s Volleyball team, you can add $400 to your Arizona state tax refund for a total refund of $1200.

If you would like more information on ECA donations you can visit the district’s website at

As parents you are an important part of our program. We appreciate all your help and support, and we are looking forward to a great season.

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