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Toro Boys Volleyball

We have a handful of open gyms to prepare for the season.

These are "open gyms" in name only, as they serve as the start of our season. We spend this time going straight into our practice plans for the season. They are mandatory unless you have a match or practice for another sport you are currently in. Work is not a reason to miss.

Here is the schedule for our Pre-season practices, they are also on our Schedule if you navigate to that page:

Jan 19: 7-9 pm (small gym)

Jan 21: 3-5 pm (both gyms)

Jan 24: 7-9 pm (small gym)

Jan 26: 7-9 pm (small gym)

Jan 31: 7-9 pm (small gym)

Feb 2: 7-9 pm (small gym)

Feb 4: 3-5 pm (small gym)

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