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Tryout Information - 2024

It is the responsibility of the athlete to make sure they have done everything to be eligible to tryout. If you are unsure, please reach out to your son's coach to check if he is eligible. If your son is playing another sport at the time of tryout, he can request another tryout at a later date from his coach.

Visit the MPS Athletics page to get information on how to become eligible to tryout.

Tryout Schedule 2024:

Feb 5-7

6:30pm - 8:30 pm

Tryout Requirements

Complete everything on this list to be eligible to tryout. You can check eligibility on Register My Athlete. Students who are not eligible at the time of tryouts will not be allowed to try out.

Register My Athlete

Create a profile and make sure you add Mountain View High School and Boys Volleyball to your profile. There are several e-signatures to complete on your profile as well as places to upload documents.

Register My Athlete instructions for Parents

Physical Forms

Complete a physical and give the physical forms to your doctor during to complete during the physical. Turn in this form to the Athletic Secretary.

This must be done every year.

Mountain View provides physicals every year in May for a very good price for the following year.

Physical Examination Form

Physical Evaluation Form

Brain Book/ Opioid Education

Complete the Brain Book and Opioid Awareness course on concussion education. Turn in this certificate of completion to the Athletic Secretary.

This only needs to be done once, usually freshman year.

Brain Book Education

Course Requirements

Students have to be enrolled and pass at least 5 classes during the semester of play.

Seniors on track to graduate only need to be enrolled in 4 classes.

COVID Requirements

On Register My Athlete, there is a place to upload proof of COVID Vaccination. This is not a requirement to tryout, but is used for expedited return-to-play if your child tests positive.

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