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Summer 2023

We don't run a camp during the summer since there are plenty of opportunities to play and get some good instruction this summer! Ideally, the boys are practicing and traveling to National Tournaments with their Club Teams during June and taking a break during July before the Club Season starts all over again in August.

The best thing you can do is just play as much Volleyball as possible! 

Here are some other options to play this summer. Reach out to me at if you have any questions about these opportunities.

Mtn View Sand Courts: 

Please utilize our sand courts! I will instruct all the boys on how to operate the lights if they want to use the sand courts at night. Lights need to be off at 9:30 pm. 

School Tryouts for the Beach team will start the day after Labor Day.

Coach Wade is also starting a Club Boys Beach Program in Late May/June. They will attend AAU Nationals at Hermosa Beach on July 24-25. This is open to all boys, not just Mtn View boys. Please contact Coach Wade for more info at or text at (480) 292-4869.


Aspire Summer League:

A good opportunity to get more court time. You can get some good coaching, but this league is mainly for fun to get reps and meet people. It's a great time.


Aspire Friday 4x4:

Every Friday Night in the summer there is a 4x4 tournament. 2 boys, 2 girls. Make a team and go play! This is a really fun format to play volleyball, it's growing really fast.


RISE Volleyball Camp:

Coach Devin Young from BYU runs a 2 day camp at Aspire in Jun. Sign up at the following link:

Beach 11 Volleyball:

A great chance to get reps in the sand at our Mtn View Sand Courts. Check the Instagram to stay informed:

The Sand Club:

More opportunities to train and compete in the sand;

High Performance Championships:

HP is essentially an All-Star tournament from each state run by USA Volleyball. It consists of two weeks of intense training and a week-long tournament in Ft. Lauderdale in July. I've coached HP several times and it is always a great experience. Find details HERE


GCU Boys Volleyball Camp:

Ran by the GCU Men's coaching staff on August 5-6.

NIKE Volleyball Camp at Legacy Sports:

This is a new one this year, I've never been to it:


Club Volleyball Open Gyms:

Club Volleyball starts in Mid-August. Clubs usually start doing Open Gyms in July. Unofficially, the top teams are all formed in these open gyms. I'll send more information as Clubs start to post their Open Gym information.

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